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I've been overly patient, as has everyone else in this community whose claims were made months and months ago (for clarification, my one and only claim was made on March 23, 2004). I offered, in a post on May 18, 2004, to help the owner moderate and maintain the community, thus freeing his time to pursue college, as he stated he was very busy doing at that point in time. All well and good... or so it seemed.

It's been close to ten months since I made my claim, and it's yet to be posted; it's been close to eight months since my offer of help was accepted, and yet I'm still waiting to hear from anyone about the particulars of helping to maintain the community. It was stated that the password had been lost, and retrieving it was what was holding the entire thing up - guess what? You don't need the password, you just need to go over to the Community Maintainer's Priveleges page on LJ (FAQ #100), and voila, you can give and take away priveleges quite easily - I know, I manage several other communities now, including my own claims community for Sandman characters.

I've been told I have the patience of a saint.... perhaps I do. But even the patience of a saint can be worn thin, to the breaking point, by being forced to wait close to a year for something as minor as an updated claims list. That's just too much to ask. I hereby release the only claim I made... and revoke my offer to help maintain the community. There's absolutely no reason for me to stick around here; it's obvious the community died long ago, I simply didn't want to believe it. When I found this community, I thought it was too good to be true.. now I see I was right. It IS too good to be true. I'll be removing the link from my info page immediately. Farewell.
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