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Claim a Comic Book Character

Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
Pay attention, these are the rules:

1. You can claim up to two (2) comic book characters. Only one of these two characters can be a Marvel/DC character due to high demand.

2. You may, after having kept a claim for one month, give back your claim and claim another character in their place. The character you return will then be posted as available for another member to claim.

2. You must link back to this community on your user info page somewhere.

3. You must tell in your claiming post what comic your character comes from.

4. You must remain part of this community for your claim to remain valid.

5. Moderators can have up to five (5) claims.

6. If you make an icon or background for the community, you can have up to three (3) additional claims.

7. Do not double post! If your claim has not been updated, just wait. We all have lives outside of Livejournal but promise to update in a timely manner.

8. Do not advertise for other sites or subject that is not comic related in this community without the permission of a Mod. Ask a mod if a subject is worthy, and if it's not retarded, we'll accept it.

The List: (updated 3.03.04)

Abbey Chase (Danger Girl) by mr_slice
Aino Minako (Sailor Venus) by shadowlark
Aisha Clan-Clan (Outlaw Star) by raving_rendal
Alex Summers/Havok (X-Men) by bdkoolwhip
Alice (Kreeky Playground) by stellarstarchic
Arwyn (Sojourn) by fifi225
Aspen Matthews (Fathom) by angelic_minx

Barbara Gordon/Oracle by autumnsfire
Bella Donna Bourdeaux (X-Men) by crystalskull
Ben Reilly (Spider-man) by lonelyirishgeek
Bruiser a.k.a. Bear and Molly (Runaways) by droptrou
Buffy Summers (BtVS) by shadowlark

Captain America by saharadrac
Captain Sin (El Cazador) by amelia_sparrow
Cassidy (Preacher) by lonelyirishgeek

Darth Vader by libertylad
Deadpool by funkyninja
Death (The Sandman) by stellarstarchic
Dee (Fake) by by eala
Delirium (The Sandman) by indelirium
Devi (I Feel Sick) by stellarstarchic
Dream (The Sandman) by stellarstarchic
(The) Drummer (Planetary) by padanfain

Emma Frost (X-Men) by mr_slice
Enid Coleslaw (Ghost World) by compound

Faye Valentine (Cowboy Bebop) by ladoxafina
Frank Castle (The Punisher) by dorkboat

Gabe and Tycho (Penny-Archade) by funkyninja
Gambit (X-Men) by rockedtwatcat

Happy Noodle Boy (JtHM) by morpuddypond
Hellboy by dandydevildog
Hino Rei (Sailor Mars) by shadowlark
Holocaust #1 (Stryfe's Stryke File) by raving_rendal

Ian Nottingham (Witchblade) by mr_slice

Jack of the Tales (Fables) by mr_slice
Jamie Madrox/Multiple Man (X-Factor) by dorkboat
Jean Grey/Phoenix (X-Men) by fifi225
Jenny Sparks (Stormwatch) by sylvia101
John Constantine by lonelyirishgeek
John Gaunt Grimjack (First Comics) by agentleman
Johnny Alpha Strontium Dog (2000ad) by agentleman
Jukko (Stormwatch) by reverend_pain

King Mob (The Invisibles) by compound
Kino Makoto (Sailor Jupiter) by shadowlark
Kitty Pryde by theadept
Kyou Sohma (Fruits Basket) by angelic_minx
Kaneda (Akria) by dorkboat

Lady Death by hatefulmoon
Looshkin (Slave Labor Comics) by droptrou

Magdalena by ladoxafina
Marv (Sin City) by reverend_pain
Mazikeen (Sandman and Lucifer) by eala
Melaka Fray (Fray) by shadowlark
Mimic (The Exiles) by dorkboat
Mizuno Ami (Sailor Mercury) by shadowlark
Moog Mercury (The Filth) by hypersimulation
Mystique (X-men) by dandydevildog

Nico (Runaways) by morpuddypond
Nightcrawler by pinkspiderchan
Nightwing by zerovenomx
Nny (Johnny the Homicidal Maniac) by stellarstarchic


Piotr Rasputin/Colossus (X-Men) by carmelita
Polaris (X-Factor) by hatefulmoon

Quicksilver (The Avengers) by grobanite82

Rei (Neon Genesis Evangelion) by ladoxafina
Rogue (X-men) by ladoxafina
Rorschach (Watchmen) by padanfain

Sarah Pezzini (Witchblade) by mr_slice
Scarlet Witch by queenrikki
Silver Surfer by libertylad
Spawn by pagali
Spider Jerusalem (Transmetropolitan) by grindcorean
Spider-man by slider9000
Spike Speigel (Cowboy Bebop) by funkyninja
Starfish (Nocturnals) by dandydevildog
Storm (X-Men) by shadowlark
Superman (Justice League) by shadowlark

Tim Hunter (Books of Magic) by theadept
Tsukino Usagi (Sailor Moon) by shadowlark
The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Mirage Studios) by dorkboat


Vash the Stampede (Trigun) by dorkboat
Venom by zerovenomx

Wally West/The Flash (Justice League) by dorkboat
Wesley Gibson (Wanted) by mr_slice
White Ninja (White Ninja Comics) by funkyninja
Wolverine by dorkboat

Xandu (Marvel) by raving_rendal
Yorick Brown (Y - The Last Man) by mr_slice